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Inspired by the Disabled community. The Staying Inn is a Virtual Pub to keep people in self-isolation connected during COVID_19.

Make up top tips (Catch up)

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Blind Youtuber and Glow Up Queen Lucy Edwards chatted to Chloe Tear all about her favourite products, make up top tips and did a look for us live at The Staying Inn!

Lucy Edwards is a 24 year old makeup obsessed BBC broadcaster and YouTuber who is usually accompanied by a cute guide dog named Olga. Lucy was the first ever blind presenter on Radio 1 and the first ever blind ambassador for the makeup giant COVERGIRL. Her  video ‘Blind Girl Does Her Own Makeup’ went viral in 2015 and since then she’s been known as a makeup aficionado.

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Recorded at The Staying Inn on Wednesday 17 June 2020.

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Please note that we are currently waiting for a copy of the full Closed Captions file for this video so at the moment it is presented with the automatic captions from YouTube which may not be completely accurate.