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The Staying Inn

Inspired by the Disabled community. The Staying Inn is a Virtual Pub to keep people in self-isolation connected during COVID_19.


Bottles on the table at The Staying Inn

Welcome to The Staying Inn, your new favourite local from the comfort of your sofa. The Staying Inn is an accessible, inclusive online space for disabled and non disabled folk to stay connected during the COVID-19 crisis.

We run a range of events, from our weekly pub quiz, to stitch and bitch sessions, film club, interviews, classes and much much more! Check out our Events page to find out more.

At The Staying Inn we strive to make everything as accessible as possible and the majority of our events have Captions and British Sign Language Interpreters. For more information about how to access events check out our Accessibility page.

If you want to get the details of our events which are hosted via online video calls remember to subscribe to our Newsletter! You’ll get a Weekly mailing and a prompt before each event. Sign up here!

The Rules

  1. No #Covid-19 Chat
  2. Wash your hands
  3. No social media scrolling
  4. Additional customers via online invite only
  5. Cover your mouth if you cough of sneeze
  6. No cheating at our games

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“My white cane is only 125cm. If I bump into someone, I’m too close”
3 faces in the Lucy Edwards interview

Our landlady Amy spoke to Lucy Edwards for her YouTube Channel. Lucy, Amy and Dr Amit Patel discuss visual impairment, social distancing & the new challenges created by #Covid-19.

Say Hello to Carly Findlay
Pictures of Amy & Carly advertising the talk

We enjoyed the opportunity to Say Hello to Carly Findlay in Conversation with Landlady Dr Amy Kavanagh on Sunday 3rd May. Our Staying Inn elves have been beavering away and now, for those that missed this session, the video is available on our YouTube channel

iNews catch up with The Staying Inn

The iNews catch up with our Landlady Amy and our barmaid Ginny to discover how the Inn is open to all.

Landlady Amy had an early start chatting to the BBC Radio 5 Live team
Radio 5 presenter talking into large blue microphone

Landlady Amy had an early start on 30 April 2020 chatting about The Staying Inn and our efforts to connect isolated disabled people.

Another great quiz night at The Staying Inn!

43 teams joined us, our biggest event so far.


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