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The Staying Inn

Inspired by the Disabled community. The Staying Inn is a Virtual Pub to keep people in self-isolation connected during COVID_19.


The Staying Inn is a Virtual Pub inspired by the disabled community to keep people in self-isolation connected during the COVID-19 crisis.

From our weekly pub quiz, to stitch and bitch, book clubs, film groups, lectures and lessons, The Staying Inn is bringing skills sharing, friendship and fun to an online community of pub goers!

It is playing a vital role in connecting many disabled people who will be self-isolating for a long time after lockdown ends, and showing non-disabled people the power of inclusive online spaces.

We can create stronger connections even when we are socially distant.

Our Values

The Staying Inn is a community run by disabled people for disabled people and anyone feeling isolated during these difficult times. We have a set of values for our space so that it is inclusive, welcoming and friendly to those who want to be part of it.

  1. We respect everyone’s accessibility and communication needs, make adjustments where possible and support solutions so that everyone can be included.
  2. We respect that we all communicate in different ways, and encourage participants to engage in whatever way they feel comfortable.
  3. We ask that participants use respectful language, do not use slurs or derogatory terms about others. Repeated behaviour of this nature will result in being barred from The Staying Inn.
  4. We are committed to an anti-racist environment.
  5. We are LGBTQ+ inclusive, and our space is welcoming of trans and non-binary people. We ask that everyone respects people’s pronouns.
  6. We will not tolerate bullying or trolling of other participants.  Repeated behaviour of this nature will result in being barred from The Staying Inn.
  7. The Staying Inn co-ordinating team prefers Identity First Language, “Disabled People”, we recognise the cultural Deaf identity, and use the social model of disability. At The Staying Inn we understand that people may wish to identify using Person First Language. However, we ask that everyone respects the language individuals use to describe themselves, their disability, impairment or condition.
  8. We uplift, empower and support each other, we celebrate equality and inclusivity.

Our Team

  • Amy's mugshotDr Amy Kavanagh aka @BlondeHistorian.
    Online pub landlady, visually impaired activist, lover of good beer, trivia and doggos
  • Lego EmmitOther Half
    Amy’s rock, anonymous internet legend, gin & tonic aficionado, engineer and chocolate biscuit enthusiast

Crafty Corner

Our regular Stitch & Bitch sessions are an opportunity to chat, craft, share tips and learn something new. Bring your favourite craft project and check out the demos by resident crafters.

  • SarahSarah
    Disabled crafter, maker of accessible patterns and companion to a loud cat
  • GeorgeGeorge
    Visually impaired crafter, tactile artist and Disc World fan

Quizzy Rascals

We have different Quiz Masters every week, but there are a few regulars

  • EllieEllie
    History nerd, enjoys dressing up as a medieval person, and keen crafter
  • Lego LucyNick & Fam
    Nick and the family can always be counted on to enthusiastically join in the quiz! Nick is a trivia wizard with facts about music, sport and much much more.

Bar Staff

These folks help run The Staying Inn, clean up the beer, make sure Amy remembers where her glasses are, that kind of thing.

  • GinnyGinny
    Aspiring lawyer, intersectional feminist, avid Netfix user, gamer (board and keyboard), loathes mushrooms, loves a bowl of noodles
  • DougDoug
    Large land mammal, articulate wheelchair user and Care Home Crusader

The Tech Team

These fabulous folk have brought you this website and like doing social media stuff

  • Ian in avatar formIan
    Website builder, lego fan, sometimes Welsh
  • KatieKatie
    Social Media queen, epic eyeliner, wheelie wonder woman and raiser of plant babies
  • Lego LucyAdam
    Digital creative, gamer, possesses one bionic ear and runs a lot