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The Staying Inn

Inspired by the Disabled community. The Staying Inn is a Virtual Pub to keep people in self-isolation connected during COVID_19.

Choose your own Adventure

An evening where Together we will read through a short book & vote on the outcome of the story. It is a fun activity for the whole family!

How we read

We take turns being the Reader. People wanting to read should say so early on and download the PDF.

At each choice, the Listeners discuss and then individually vote/abstain on the decision, simple majority dictates where we go. The Reader only ever votes to break ties.

Volunteers would be welcomed for tracking our story choices, and our inventory and character stats. These responsibilities can be split, but they have to be done all evening.

Dice rolls may be needed. Each time we’ll ask who wants to roll, either using their own dice, or this webpage ( We’ll jokingly assign responsibility of dice outcomes to whomever rolled.

At bad endings, we first offer to go back one choice/dice roll, and if most people agree, do so. If not, the story-tracker can start reading off decision points one at a time, again seeking the support of most of the group.

At intermediate/good endings, we will offer the same choice, although depending on book and story branching we may choose to jump much further back.

No peeking ahead at the choices to inform your vote, this counts as cheating. If you feel you must peek ahead, please abstain from that vote, and say nothing which can sway it.

Feel free to do a quiet creative activity when you’re not reading (just general advice).

Don’t take it too seriously. We are planning to enjoy the book, and bending unfair rules now and then is one way to do it. For example, in books with complex multi-turn combat systems, we may simplify them to save a lot of time. And if we turn back several sections, we may have to guess at our health and inventory.

(For now) Readers read in voices, not accents. Accents may be introduced after a few sessions depending on group dynamic and preferences, but may not.

Links to the books